Virtual reality applications

We create virtual reality applications compatible with desktop and mobile devices and especially 3d VR that allow a completely immersive experience in many areas such as distance learning, training of specialized personnel, personalization of real estate, furnishings and much more even more.

In addition to fully customized virtual reality applications we create interactive environments for (within the limits of the features applicable on Spatial)


Our virtual reality applications

Forklift Training virtual reality applications

Forklift Training

Driving exercises with a working vehicle involving obstacle courses, lifting and repositioning objects.

Home Configurator virtual reality applications

Home Configurator

Configure the look of walls and furniture by previewing material swatches and applying them in real time.

hi-tech school virtual reality applications

Hi-tech School

Fully interactive Academy with the ability for teachers to share their screen with students.
Students will also be able to view their notes on their workstation and “raise their hand” by activating a light signal that will make them identifiable.


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