Metaverse 3D enviroments building

Our 3D enviroments can be used for any purpose. You can use our 3D environments in currently existing Metaverses or resell them yourself.

We currently recommend our customers to use our 3D environments on due to the ease of use and the free solution available.


We create 3D environments of any type:

Residential, commercial (shops, professions), cultural (theaters, cinemas), educational, museums/exhibitions, social events (bar, pub, disco), public services (transport, health, institutions) and more..


Our 3D Enviroments

CGM Verse

Hi-Res baked texture example with many complex object and structure details.

Verse Mall

The Verse shopping center where you can find an exhibition of our NFTs, images and portals of other environments and information on the project to create our Metaverse.


Example of high performance setting.
Maximum exploitation of reflections minimizes the use of textures.
The use of simple but well blended figures minimize the number of vertices without giving up an attractive look.

CGM Center

Corporate example. In this space we present all areas of our IT consulting company.

Deep Space

Flight simulation with space-time distortions and interactive activities that involve the completion of specific actions at the end of which you will receive a visible badge in your profile.

CGM Architecture

Example of real estate architecture.
Starting from plans, it is possible to create any type of residential or commercial structure.

Arena Club

Sci-fi example of a play area or nightclub clearly inspired by the movie Tron.

Spatial City

Example of futuristic and dynamic multi-area infrastructure.
The breadth and subdivision of the spaces makes it possible to have multiple separate activities without overlapping audio.

Hypnos Club

Example of a glamorous place full of animated light effects.
Environment suitable for musical events and parties.

Water Meditation

Elegant example of a gallery suitable for art exhibitions or mindfulness sessions.

Steam Bath

Colored lights with a chromotherapy effect mix with the sound of water in a warm and relaxing environment typical of a spa.

Planets island

A faraway world where you can meet for evening chats in the quiet of a surreal and fascinating setting.

Prince of Spatial

Mini game inspired by the famous retro game Prince of Persia.
Collect all ampoules before time runs out.

Spatial Planetorium

Example of an educational area.


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